What do you do when your cell phone falls in water?

    It is all wet now.

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    as above, take all the bits out and shake out as much water as you can, then wrap in a tissue and put it in a bowl of dry rice, make sure you cover it completely. the rice will draw any moisture out of the phone. leave it in there for 24 hours just to make sure :-)

    Take it out the water n dry it out with a hair dryer or sitting it on something on a heater,,the thing to remember thou is take the battery out n sim out straight away n dry them seperate cos if you dry them in the phone you'll corrode the terminals n curcuits n thats your phone wrecked..battery out straight away is the important point.ok.

    You get ready to buy a new one.

    Grit Savage is absolutely right! Don't use a hair dryer either to try to dry it!

    ole hipster

    Oh just one more thing! If all else fails don't try to call your carrier and claim it stopped working for any other reason to try to get a new free one as they will ask you to check out a specific spot inside and ask you for the color of a small sensor and by the color they can tell if it's been in water and is damaged. I know, I tried it...slight embarassment on my part!

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