Should you buy an extended warranty?

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    Depends on the item. I bought the extended warranty for my snow blower ($200.00 USD) and I'm glad I did. The additives (for emissions control) in gas now a days are too much for the carburetors and damages them. I've had two carburetors replaced already in only 3 years time. I can expect more replacements if the additives remain in the gas.

    When you go into a shop to buy something the salesperson actually earns more commission from the extended warr than on the sale itself

    Yes, 9 times out of 10 it is not worth it. I used to sale electronics at Best Buy and we made commission on every extended warranty. It covered the item for 1 year after the manufactures warranty expired. In some cases the manufactures warranty lasted 90 days. So the item is like new and more than likely will last that amount of time. It depends on the cost of the item and coverage and cost of the product.

    good question ole hipster. I personally wud not because wen u buy a new item, say a washing machine, it comes with a free guarantee anyway. Now its new so it shud last several years, and wot i find is the problems start not long after the guarantee runs out, this has happened to me a couple of times. But the best insurance I ever took out was a few years ago wen a company called offering 3 electrical items under 5 years old to insure for as long as u wanted and it cost ?9 a month. Well my washing machine had several repairs including a new drum and didital programmer and my dyson hoover also needed new parts and I never had any excess to pay.

    Never Ever.. Its a con

    No, friendindeed has got it right with his/her answer. They cost more than what they're worth!

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