What good deed have you done recently and no one knows?

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    I think that if you tell people about it you will loose your reward in heaven, so I'd rather store up treasure where it won't get eaten by moths or rust. But I'll have to remember one that I have already mentioned.

    My wife and I have done plenty but it's between us and God.
    If I told you then someone would know. Ok, two weeks ago I was in Tucson on vacation at a Thrift store & a mexican couple were in front of me with two caucasian boys. She asked the clerk if they gave foster parent discounts & the clerk said no. I gave the woman $20 to purchase the kids clothes with. One of the kids said "your very nice". That was worth much more than the $20. I felt the need to give because my parents were foster parents to several children when I was young. I truly believe Random Acts of Kindness CAN make a difference & restore peoples faith in mankind!

    That's awesome! I can almost bet the $20 was like big windfall to them : )
    Ms Sinclair

    Good for you Grandma. May your act of kindness be returned to you tenfold.
    if i told you then ppl would know.. i would like to stay annonomous.. but I promise i try to give all that i am.
    Good deed that no one knows about...well someone does know about it...the recipients of the deed and myself, lol I bought a dual oven with a 6 burner range on it for a family in England that I've adopted as my "other" family. They're a family of 10 and lost their house they were renting when the owner decided to sell it. They had little money to move with and needed all appliances for the new place as the one they were living in came with all appliances. They managed to get a cheap used fridge, a new table and chairs (the set at the old place was the landlords too), and a new dryer. That just left a cooker (oven), as they call it. Those things are pricey over there and there was no way they would be able to get one themselves, so I surprised them with a brand new one. Ordered it and had it delivered to their new place. Made me feel real good to hear the kids all excited and falling all over themselves thanking me for the most awesome gift! Xbox does not outshine a new cooker I guess, lol :) The mom (my friend) was speechless, you have to know her to know how impressive that is. To me it was a simple gesture. People have helped me throughout my life. This is how I pay it forward.

    Is that what you were looking for Benthere ? I feel like I just tooted my own horn here.... ugh.

    All good deeds are welcome.The world needs them.
    Ms Sinclair

    That's great Colleen. Good looking out.

    I chewed out akaQA member gary.. It made me feel good about myself.. LOL Cost me a down vote but it was worth it.. LOL

    One of the best things about Vinny is that he tells it like it is. Don't change Vinny!

    Thank you leeroy-- Mom used to say, 'your tongue cuts like a knife!' Got something to say? say it.. I don't like people guessing at what i am thinking, they are never right.. LOL
    I would tell you but then everyone would know. lol
    Well this may not amount to much compared with some of the other answers here but I sometimes give thumbs up to people who have little or no karma points if I think they ask a reasonably interesting question or give a good response to one.

    That's when / how I give Karma points too.
    Let an old lady beat me at scrabble even though she had cheated to get a big score,she won that game then I beat her twice for first time ever .Proves addage cheats do not prosper.
    I'm not telling you.

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