Does God really heal people?

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    if god does heal people, god would have most certainly healed my grandaughter there were prayer groups abounding. "trust in the lord" i heard. ok, god had a reason to take her. i guess. but i dont count on it. afterward i had tremendous guilt thinking that i didn't pray hard enough. i am happy for those of you who are healed. nothing like personal experience.
    Headless Man

    Sorry for your loss, if that had happened to me I would need a lot of time to get over it. I had a real vision concerning this and I'm sure GOD's reason is not ours but He dose know best. Love, Randy

    never. never do.

    Yes I was 8 days in the heart unit. I was on medication. When I came home from Hos I couldnt walk very far (a few hundred yards) I was at a Church service and I went for prayer for healing. Before this I had tests in a Hos and was told 25% of my heart was damaged. I remember when I was prayed for God telling me in my head that I was healed. From that point I never looked back. Back to full time work. Been to the top of the highest mountain in Scotland. I was 44 when I had the heart attack and that was 15 years ago.I did not go back for tests to see if the 75% was now 100% but I felt so fit.

    yes, but at the same time, only too his will....sometimes he will heal people and sometimes they will stay sick, or even die, but we need to trust that God has a reason for it all...he knows us better then us and he'll do what's best for us. We just need to trust his response in everything and just pray!

    I know from experience that God does heal, I have over 8 foot of surgical scars on by body from operations and GOD has been there for me and for the doctors, I could fill this page and several more just telling you the things HES done, some miracles, don't try to tell me anything different, nothing like having a personal experience.

    I know from experiance that God does heal.

    medical processionals help us heal and do a rather good job!
    if a so called god were to heal people, why has it overlooked all the people suffering in the poorer nations?
    why do western "believers" think that they have a clearer road to "god" than a poor, very devout African?


    Some people think God does, but it is up to you to beile if God heals people

    God realy heals and help those who trust and believe him and most inportantly, those who obey his comandments.

    Thy FAITH has healed thee!

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