I am wanting to send an inmate money on their commissary acount; how do I do that?

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    Probably every jail/prison has its own peculiar way of doing things, so the best bet is to contact the place and ask them outright.  This information is also available on the institution's website.

    At the Fresno County Jail, in Fresno, California (the armpit of California, by the way), one must purchase a POSTAL MONEY ORDER.  The information on the money order has to include the inmate's first and last names, the Booking Number and the Jail Identification Number.  The money order can be mailed to the jail or dropped off (there are envelopes available in the jail lobby SPECIFICALLY for the money order and a special drop box for them).

    I have been told (and THIS IS IMPORTANT SO PAY ATTENTION) that (again in California), money that follows an inmate from county jail to prison stays at 100% of what he/she takes.  ANY MONEY deposited to the commisary account AFTER the inmate is in PRISON has a HUGE percentage deducted to help pay the cost of having the prisoner at the prison.  I haven't looked into this allegation, but it is totally believeable, if you know anything about California politics.

    Hope this helps.

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