Why is life important?

    As a religious question.

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    I think that living your life rather than existing through it is important. Learning to love and be loved. To realize the opportunities at your finger tips and discover your true self value. To find what you believe in and become the person you are meant to be. Accepting although different, we are all equal. Seeing how amazing this planet really is. All the creations within it made just for us has to make you realize the importance of life.In the mornings and evenings here, as the sun comes up and drops behind the horizon...all the birds sing and celebrate the beginning and end of each day...even they recognize the greatness of it all.Celebrate's all around you! God is good!!!

    to know and to grow in love and truth

    To learn and teach others through your mistakes, hopefully before they duplicate them, so we can become wiser.

    Because life is God given, a gift of God.
    Indeed . . . through knowledge, then add understanding, then add wisdom, then add truth, which equals LOVE. Ever Love as the Spirit says Love. :-)
    Evolution of Soul consciousness, Self-awareness or discovery. By this only may we become truly One in the the Higher Mind, of the Absolute.

    Life is a learning experience. We are here to learn. :] and there is nothing religious about the question.

    life is importent becuse god made you to teast you how you acked good or bad

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