Have you or would you ever pick up a hitchhiker?

    Do you approve of hitchhiking at all?

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    Years ago I used to hitchhike literally everywhere but this was in Madison WS a college town (well actually a city, capital of WS) This was almost 40 years ago however! You'd get a ride real easy as everybody practically picked you up immediately! You didn't have to worry about a thing! This was the peace, love generation naturally. Nowadays, no way, I would not hitchhike nor would I pick up hitchhikers, too many crazies out there anymore!

    I have hitched and picked up hitch hikers but today sadly you need to think twice.I was thinking today of a time in my teens when three or four of us young blokes would get in a comutter train in Sydney Australia to go shooting rabbits out of town. We had rifles (22s) a belt load of bullets around our waist. The only thing we did was to put the breech bolt in our pocket. Try to imagine that today, we never drew a second glance, today the train would not get out of the station. OH ISN`T PROGRESS WONDERFUL?

    I pick up hitchhikers all the time.Mostly when it's pouring down rain.Or snowing and freezing cold.

    I remember when I first got my driving lisc. and I had a custum van with a bed and a bar in it. On the wall above the bar I had a small poster in a frame that said..." GAS GRASS OR ASS, no one rides free"
    There were many times that i picked up a hitch hiker. And when they would get in I would point to the sign. I never got any gas $$ , got a lil grass 1 time, but did get some form of sex many times from a girl hitch hiker. WOW , those were the days !!


    B that is so sad... you have to pay for sex.. LOL I have seen that sign before at a truck stop.

    Its dangerous, but sometimes its necessary. What would you do if you broke down on the highway with no cellphone? Especially when its snowing or worse? Maybe its over 20 miles to the next town?

    I have hitchhiked and I have picked up hitch hikers. Now that I am a mom I don't pick up hitch hikers any more. And I feel like I am lucky I didn't end up dead in a ditch somewhere hitchhiking around as a teenager. That said, nothing bad ever happened to me hitchhiking or picking up hitchhikers, but the world has gotten to be such a crazy place, I think it is a unnecessary risk.
    On a side note, I've heard in Alaska it is illegal not to pick up a hitchhiker because they could freeze to death. I don't know if this is true.

    yes i would as i used to do it myself.. n i did pick someone up not that long ago but i was with my husband i wouldnt have done if i was on my own xx

    No hitchhikers these days, too many nutz out there, just watch the hitch hiker movies if your thinking about picking up one... just use your good senses and be safe.


    That is what a pick up is for. But we don't let them in the cab.

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