Is it possible to download Windows Vista to replace Windows 7?

    My old computer is on it's last legs. I've tried to get used to Windows 7 but I dread the day I have to use it for everything.

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    If your computer is old, how did you end up with Windows 7? I have Vista and wish I had 7. To answer your question ... I would not think you could downgrade without buying Vista but I'm open to correction.

    The laptop with Vista on isn't that old. It was on offer, and Vista being replaced was probably the reason.

    I bought another a few months ago because I was was "nursing" the older one, and still am. Windows 7 is great for web searches and sites like this... and games if I ever get time.

    The problems start when I want to use it for editing (my job). I don't like the way it formats documents... I have to save a lot in compatability mode before I can open them (unpublished writers often work on old systems)... I could go on...

    I suppose the real problem is that I'm familiar with Vista, I use it for work and I can't spare the time to practise and adapt.

    That's why I'm almost always signed in here. I keep Windows 7 open for research.
    I think maybe you should ask the Windows tech group about that. I am not sure. Sorry....

    I can try.

    Somewhere I did see "Download Windows Vista".

    I was using the one with Vista on it at the time and it was working well. Like an idiot I didn't make a note of the site, and who knows if it was genuine anyway.

    Since it's taken so long to get any answers and neither say "do this, I can reccommend it" I suppose I'll have to bit the bullet and adapt to Windows 7 for work.

    It's fine for web searches, and I'm using it now. When I work from the office I have no choice. I just like Vista... it's slower, which is an advantage for handling dozens of documents.

    Thanks for the answer anyway. I can ask, though I expect they'll think I'm mad. I keep getting offers on Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 8 :-)

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