What is the very worst thing you can do (or have done) in an interview?

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    Thanks for the vote on oil viscosity. But I was spell checking it and erased it and lost the vote. The final answer is up and I could use you to go back and re-vote for it b/c it shows no votes now. As always this question is very important and you deserve a thumbs up. Thanks.

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    Show-up under the influence!!!



    Raider_retired 3_29_

    This has to be the absolutely worse. Pamela here is a thumbs up. If you could vote any good Q or A I have up, I would appreciate it.

    Coming in not dressed properly or overdressed is right up there along with saying "I'm a people person!", makes the interviewer cringe and definitely not looking them in the eye as says ueaitsme is no good at all!

    The worst thing you can do is come into the interview and not look the interviewer in the eye. It makes it seem like you are either evasive or have low self esteem. Either way, not good.

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