REPUBLICANS??????????GOOD OR BAD????????????????


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    Gary, please don't come in here with this BS.. You obviously have your beliefs on issues. You are seriously an aficionado of MSNBC, I listen to MSNBC too .. There's always two sides.. I too have went off but I find this place much better off without this political batterings.. You can not reach your goal of destroying the republican party here on akaQA.. Just go vote! And you certainly are not going to win any republicans over by calling them all liars..

    I was going to answer his question Vinny, but you say it so much better. TU to you my friend!
    None of them are any good and I mean all politicians. They may start off with good intentions, but in the end it is all about power and money.
    Thank you for your down vote, I would have guess you would do that..
    They're not bad, just a different political philsophy. As far as being the party of liars and cheaters? Well, I'm a democrat, but realistic enough to know that both side have had their liars and cheaters. Neither side can be wrong on all the issues, that's why we must compromise.
    Don't worry about it Vinny, I gave U a thumbs up to even it up. Everybody has their own opinion on what party is best and this really isn't a forum 4 that.

    Thanks!!! :) I just get upset when someone comes in and YELLS their political opinions, sorry but i think its childish and I don't mind getting a down vote for saying my opinions to the matter.. I too have opinions and I really don't mind an occasional banter but enough is enough.. I'll get into a discussion but starting one off with insults is not the way to do it..
    Republicans, GOOD or BAD. easy answer, BOTH Democrats GOOD or BAD also easy answer BOTH. Vote your informed opinions,your party affiliation,personal preferences,bias, whatever. I have voted for them all and neither party has impressed me much, wouldn't give you two cents for them all. Politicians, maybe a necessary evil even on a good day. They never do what they say they are going to and when confronted with their fables they just tell more.

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