Does a person's religion matter to you in a relationship?

    Would you date or spend your life with someone from another religion?

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    All good points made by leeroy above. BUT HECK NO WOULD IT MATTER TO ME IF I WAS IN TRUE LOVE WITH HER.
    As long as she did not worship Satan or something radical like that I would feel blessed just finding her in my life.

    What the Book of Ruth says about true love:

    "Entreat me not to leave thee,
    And to return from following after thee;
    For whither thou goest, I will go;
    And where thou lodgest, I will lodge;
    Thy people shall be my people,
    And thy God, my God;
    Where thou diest I will die, and there will I be
    The Lord do so to me, and more also,
    If aught but death part thee and me."--Vs. 16,17.

    That could be an individuals choice but I can see where the potential for problems can arise from such a partnership

    It can be an issue if you have children together, but If you were a Christian man and married a Jewish woman your children are considered Jewish, and that could cause you problems? The Christian father may want his kids to be raised Protestant? I believe it's important to have this discussion well before you get married. Although there are many successful interfaith relationships. Personally I would prefer to date or marry someone of the same faith.

    It usually makes it easier if you have the same values, or background when considering a serious relationship.

    I have been married for 36 years and when we married my husband was Protestant and I was Roman Catholic. His family was less than pleased with me being an Irish Catholic and now that I'm Wiccan they are as nasty as they can be towards me. Not very Christian of them, as far as I'm concerned, since I've never said anything to them that was negative about thier religion. I have Christmas in my home for my husband and make an Easter dinner for him also. We are very respectful of each other's religion and he enjoys when the Witches gather at our home for a Coven. We have religious disscussions all the time to understand what the other believes. He has never asked me to become Protestant and I have never asked him to be a Catholic or a Witch because we have tremendous respect for each other. Respect and tolerance is the basis of understanding, try it, for it may just work for you also!

    It depends what your relationship is based on. Ideally you fall in love with a person as a whole, where religion is only one element in forming who s/he is. But this is only my view.
    Definitely has to be discussed prior to marrying and agreed to as to how the children are raised. Interfaith marriages do work. My Mother was Lutheran and my father a Muslim. I attended the Mosque till age ten than attended a christian church for the next ten years. My step father was a very liberal Muslim to say the least.

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