"I'll pray for you"... What was your first thought when you read this?

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    Good I need



    Someone stepping over the boundaries if they did not ask permission first. Not everyone believes in prayer. Now if a person asks others to pray for them, then OK, go ahead and pray. Some people handle their problems on their own and don't want people bothering God in their name. Sometimes people pray for you when they believe you have a problem even if you tell them you don't. I've had people tell me "I'll pray for you" when I've disagreed with their point of view. Some people abuse prayer. I simply tell them no thanks. If they go ahead and do it, then they get karma and it can burn them.

    Headless Man

    WRONG, saying I'll pray for you means that you will do the only thing you can, if someone don't like that it's their problem. Sometimes a prayer is all you can do but if you can do more GOD would want you to do that also. If the prayer is sincere it doesn't make a difference if it's what you want or not, it's the heart that counts.

    Oh shit! here we go again!

    Fast bob I like most of your answer but, when it comes to a child rapist being forgiven, believe it or not it is possible. If you've known someone who was a really bad person, found Jesus, and became a completely new person, that's what God does to people, I've seen it..

    But it's not as simple as confessing your sins and asking forgiveness, there has to be a real change on the inside of that person, all sins are forgivable, no one is to bad of a person or sinner to be forgiven. God knows our heart, you can't fool or surprise God.

    The difference is the change on the inside and outside made through faith, forgiveness, and Jesus.


    Thank you for being a brother/sister in Christ.  I'll also pray for you.  Emmanuel!

    You don't have to ask somebody to pray for them.You pray four them when you pray at night.And pray for your leaders Government Armed Forces Family Friends.And the only sin you can't be forgiven for.Is Blaspheme of the HOLY GHOST.

    i feel supported and loved:)

    Feels like I am being judged. I know I am not perfect. I know that I am a sinner. I don't think that there is a single living human being who is without sin.






    not sure why you voted me down as I only said what it states in the bible thought you would have agreed with that!
    I would think it was presumptuous if it is a person of a different religion.
    I have detested Holy Joe's all my life.
    I have had to learn not to react if falsely accused of being one by people who do not know me.
    Jesus put is much better.
    He said "First extract the rafter from you own eye then you will see clearly how to extract the splinter from you brothers eye.
    God being the all mighty, and can do whatever he chooses to do. If Hitler asked for forgiveness, could God just say NO? You were a dirtbag and your sin is not one I'm willing to forgive.

    Great..I need the prayer and you need the practice... No really I always welcome prayer.

    I thought "Another sky pilot trying to save my wicked soul"

    the bible teaches that we should lay hands on no man suddenly which means not to pray for people unless they ask you to.I agree with colleen on this that a person needs to ask and you need to respect people who do not believe in or want prayer,i do pray for people if they ask.

    That you were going to pray for someone who was ill.

    HONESTLY??my first thought was to pray for you,..sincerely!!.and i did, feel free to send a prayer MY way if you wish, it would be most appreciated!! of luck to you!!

    If one really meant it or not.

    How thoughtful! Thank you.

    OH, YES,some sins are bigger than others!! Are you saying someone who stole to feed his children, is in the same category as a child molester? NO, NO, NO.

    First thought ~ don't wastd your breathe pray for someone who needs it.
    Second thought ~ makes no difference as there's no god out there to hear it but if it makes you feel better then pray away


    Wow,so sad you feel that way,your existence is useless if that's how you feel,god help you.


    Hello there look no offence but my life is not useless.For one thing i contribute positively and help family,friends and society in many,many ways.If you were to wish me good fortune,good luck then i'd be touched n pleased that you spared me a thought but please don't pray for me.I don't believe in god,thats my personal belief and based on that i dont think praying will achieve anything but the sentiment behind it is positive and worth a lot.I wouldnt tell you what you believe is wrong just cos its not what I believe and I certainly wouldnt say or think your life is useless because your beliefs are different.See thats what annoys me this idea that i could spend my life doing nothing but good but cos i dont believe it's useless yet if i raped children aslong as i say sorry n that i believe in god i'll be forgiven n go to heaven,if that isnt a screwed up justice what is ????


    Three months later and I'm just now seeing your response,you are free to believe however you want,you know Jesus is there but if you still choose to deny him so be it,I'll use my energy else where.As for the comment about the child molesters being forgiven,if they are sincere and ask then they shall be forgiven,no sin is bigger than the other,I know I'm not perfect,but he still loves me,it's that unconditional love he has that draws me ever so close to's priceless.

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