Can Democracy Thrive in the Middle East?

    "My friends, a future of liberty stands before you. It is your right. It is your dream. And it is your destiny." These were the words of President Bush as he spoke about his goals for democracy in the Middle East. But can it really take place in this horrific part of tge world?

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    The best answer is NO. Democracy can't even work in America, let alone the middle east. Their religion alone won't allow it. Not to mention the extremist groups going at it everyday. It will be a swift take over. There will be revolts like you see on the news right now. What these people need, is a government that is steele fisted, and a dictatorship. You know like the one they have now, but elect a good dictator. Sounds crazy, I know, but I feel that is what we need here in America.

    Does Democracy as it is really supposed to be and mean really exist anywhere?

    If 'democracy' was good, and real, then yes, after the 10,000th bomb is dropped
    then they will have democracy. =] anyone opposed to it will be dead. The leftovers won't
    really have a choice will they. Point being; democracy isn't even a good thing. It gives the illusion of normalcy and power to the people, but as stated above, it isn't even 'real in america,' or anywhere on planet Earth for that matter.

    Great question, however no person knows the answer, only time will tell . . .

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