Looking at the mirror before changing lanes

    Before changing lanes do you only use the mirror or do you also turn your head?
    Any other suggestions and tips?

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    You need to check your mirrors and also check behind you to your right (blind spot) before changing lanes :)

    As a truck driver I say put your turn signal on to signal your intention and then start checking mirrors and looking befor changinging lanes

    Definitely look over your shoulder to your right if you're turning right after you turn your blinkers on. Then check your side and rearview mirrors. Opposite when turning left. When clear, turn into the lane cautiously because some idiot may not see your signal or doesn't give a damn about your signal.

    I am a mirror checker/ head turner. Clean driving record for 10 years. super paranoia in the car pays. :)

    People in Columbus, Ohio are bad about not looking.


    Colunbus oh. NYC San Francisco , Ct. drivers are awful they'll put their makeup on while driving in morning traffic, a lot more these are some of the worst

    ole hipster

    You should live and drive in Chicago! Total Hell! Especially with all the newcomers...most don't even have licenses nor insurance! Go figure! Something is rotten in Denmark with letting immigrants get away with such behaviors! Way to many accidents occur here every single day due to stupidity concerning driving laws!

    Turn signals first, mirrors second and turning head the way you wish to go is a priority. Especially the head turn. I have had many an idiot come onto the highway and zip out into the lane without looking. I have nearly hit several cars but fortunately looking over my shoulder spotted the idiot.

    you have to be visuably aware of what going on around you all the time
    by checking mirrors all the time

    When you talk about changing lanes i assume you're talking about lanes on the dual carriageway or motorway.I am a driver thats what i do for work and it's not exactly wise to turn your head n look over your shoulder at motorway speeds.First of all you should be aware what other vehicles are near at anytime by keeping a regular look in all your mirrors.You should give yourself time to make any action making sure you know you have plenty of room and time before you indicate.Yes there is a blind spot but if you're keeping a check on whats going on around you you'll have seen someone getting closer and closer even at high speed before they hit your blind spot.
    The point is you should be keeping a regular eye in your mirrors anyway and know whats around you so for a lane change you should just be verifying what you knows around you but looking over your shoulder at 70mph on a busy motorway ~ no,thats just daft !!!!

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