I am bone on bone bilaterally in my knees

    I am also a fibromyalgia and interstitial cystitis patient- am seen at a pain center for medications and exercise. I am 54 yrs old- retired RN now working as a Parish Nurse in a large congregation. I have been told that fibro patients do poorly post op and have poor recovery. Are there any new proceedures, clinical trials for individuals with my medical issues?

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    Sir/madam, you have my deepest sympathy. One of your complaints is peculiar to the  fem.

    I am MN retired, 20 years your senior. Disease does not respect Rank!

    I have chronic osteoarthritis hip and knee revised replacements with the other knee to replace.

    I positively insisted  on bloodless surgery. Both my GP and surgeon were extremely impressed at my rate of recovery. I have had five bloodless surgeries and have greatly benefited without the complications of other people diseases or immune inhibition common to all transfused blood. US congress is having all field medical personnel trained in these proven techniques.


    Most pain killing drugs have undesirable side effects. I get by on tramadol assisted by paracetamol. Too much tramadol can make you dizzy.

    I use a little olbas oil for instant neck and shoulder relief , but also for my knees. A tip from a friend with your particular complaint.

    I also get temporary relief using sauna and jacuzzi

    You need to gen up on DLA it does not before you reach retirement age.

    Hope this helps



    But you are not born wiz you niece are you?

    But you are not born wiz you niece are you?

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