What's your favorite owned car?

    For me it was a 1998 3 doors peugeot 306 xsi. Great sports car with amazing handling and feedback. Also was quite reliable and i liked the way it looked.

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    1979 triumph spitfire awesome fun in the city

    A 1990 Nissan Exa, white with a targa roof, brilliant for summer. a real mover, 225  kph.

    I liked my 1954 studabaker 5 pass. Coupe, not the best ride but with a chevy 350 modified. Eng. ran and handled like a fast go cart and just looked cool!

    A new one w/no car payments!!!


    Hey IamPamela313 I like your answer better than mine and the others!!!!!! I am enjoying a lot of your answers.


    Thank you, Darci13. It's all fun and I'm loving it. During these days and time we all need someone we have to reach out to. Even, when we agree to disagree. lol!!!

    1953 DeSoto with fluid drive.

    One that runs and is paid for?

    Most muscle cars from 1965 (Mustang) thru 1972. I think that many people if they thought about it would have a favorite one from all the makers such as Plymouth (Roadrunner, Barracuda) Chevrolet (Camaro, Impala SS, Corvette). Dodge (Challenger) Oldsmobile (Cutlass) Pontiac (GTO)and many, many, others.

    My dad had a triumph herald and later a ford capri liked both.

    A Willis Jeep ,no canvas top but I loved it.


    Great car!

    suzuki sj413 jeep had one for 20 years in all tha time only replaced the battery and oil pump sold it to a guy 5 years ago he uses it for off roading and still going.........


    I've heard similar stories from friends. They really know how to build them to last.



    You owned it?

    2006 Honnda Civic awesome new look and smooth drive..

    A 1993 Ultra Park Anenue Buick. Super charged It will leave about any other car in the dust , and it still dose.

    My Mexican grean VW-käfer .

    my daughter has just bought a honda civic the large digital readout speedo direct in front of you ......i have to take my eyes off the road to check speedo in my marks for the civic

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