Going to sleep hungry waking up full

    Why is it that when i go to sleep hungry i still wake up full in the morning. Isn't my stomach supposed to be empty?

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    Maybe b/c you do not usually eat breakfast and you have conditioned your stomach to feel hungry at specific times of the day like night in your case. What time do you eat your last meal before going to sleep?


    It really changes. but this is a general question. When people go to sleep hungry they wake up full.



    I can't see an answer.
    country bumpkin

    Sorry, I noticed I had answered the question backwards after I posted my answer. My arm was bothering me so I didn't feel like correcting my answer so I deleted it.

    I sleep walk and sleep eat, don’t remember why the chocolate cake is gone in the a.m……….

    An explanation would be nice, as that happens to me sometimes, too.

    has the pillow gone missing

    Maybe you were dreaming you were at a banquet or did you grind your teeth so hard while asleep that you swallowed some enamel??

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