What made the Uzi such a popular weapon?

    Is it still popular today?

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    Very sturdy machine pistol using a pair and plenty of clip's and a sidearm in its hey day standard issue for ISRAEL'S trooper's put them  in the hand's of a soldier that knows what he is doing he can kill many in a blink of an eye !""

    It was very cheap, compact and had outstanding fire power for the time. It's obsolete these days.

    Uzi a weapon for people who can't hit a target with one bullet.If you have a 50 round clip 2 bullets hit target that leaves 48 stray bullets. Don

    The legendary UZI is one of the world's most famous firearm brands, a 20th century design classic and a true icon. Since its launch in 1950 the UZI family has been in service worldwide by Army, Secret Services, Police and Special Forces. Soon after its introduction, the angular-shaped UZI quickly emerged as an innovative sub-machine-gun and its key design features were became industry trendsetters.
    It is still popular today having a new model in March 2010 The UZI PRO Orgiginally introduced in 2003 during the Milipol Show in Paris the new SMG uses polymer parts and is lighter and more compact then its predecessor. It is blow back operated, shoulder or hip weapon that can be fired in automatic or semi automatic modes. The magazine housing is located in the pistol grip, making the magazine replacement in the dark much more simple. The Uzi proved especially useful for mechanized infantry needing a compact weapon, and for infantry units clearing bunkers and other confined spaces. However, its limited range and accuracy in automatic fire (approximately 50 m) could be disconcerting when encountering enemy forces armed with longer-range small arms, and heavier support weapons could not always substitute for a longer-ranged individual weapon. These failings eventually caused the phaseout of the Uzi from IDF forces.[9]

    The Uzi has been used in various conflicts outside Israel and the Middle East during the 1960s and 1970s. Quantities of 9 mm Uzi submachine guns were used by Portuguese cavalry, police, and security forces during the Portuguese Colonial Wars in Africa.[8]


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