how to become rich?

    Steps to becoming rich

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    The obvious answer is work, but there's more to it. Have you noticed how many millionaires watch the pennies? The secret to at least being well-off... or as well-off as your job permits... seems to be along the lines of "spend a few minutes making a sandwich for lunch: buying ready-prepared costs a fortune in comparison." Personally I wouldn't gamble. I know people do win, huge amounts sometimes. If you buy lottery tickets, work out how much they've cost you in the last year. Watch the pub you choose if you want food, which is often good & mostly cheap. Are you paying way over the odds for drinks? Find one that doesn't charge so much, or have a drink when you get home, or before you go if you're not driving. Watch with whom you drink. Do they ALL buy a round or do you pick up the tab for the one who's always in the wash room when it's his/her turn?
    buy gold. play the stock market.

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