why people fall in love?

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    MEN fall in love because of the SEX in the early stages of a relationship. We tend to think, "WOW, THIS IS GREAT. I WANT TO GET LAID LIKE THIS EVERYDAY, LETS GET MARRIED" Then reality sets in and TRUE LOVE develops when you realized your wife fell in love with you for those OTHER THINGS like being sweet and considerate and caring. I'll NEVER figure women out. :(


    well thats an open honest approach...I read once that men are very simple and reading your answer I think I have to a great day

    Mostly because they think it's time for them to fall in love. Many times it's not. You have to "like" someone on a platonic level first. That's the starting point of a lasting relationship. The old cliche that opposites attract is BS. If that were the case none of us would be married. You've got to have a lot in common at the onset of a relationship. True love evolves gradually. If the intimate part of the relationship is mutual, that's a major plus. Sex is too often mistaken for love.
    i have been married many years. MANY. i remember first of all the way my husband smelled. it was this fresh, clear aroma and much more. absolutely indescribable. as time went on other things kicked in, of course.
    but, the very first ... i liked the way he smelled. i still do, of course.
    i have never told him this but right now i'm going to show him my post. : D he said he already knew that and that he read on here that people like to kiss on the neck. that's my favorite place. and his.
    You don't. You fall into infactuation. With proper grooming, you develop into "love".


    Why not :) What else ya got to do that could be better than true Love ;)

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