Do you believe in ghosts?

    Do you believe in ghosts? No Bull ,do you think you have seen one?

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    YES I was called home as I was informed my grandfather had died. I could not face seeing his lifeless body so I summed up some dutch courage just one shot. That's all I had. I left the pub and saw the back of a man sitting on the park bench. I was confused as I recognised him. I sat and chatted for a while then he told me he had to go. He got up and walked away. I turned to ask a question but he was nowhere to be seen. I went home kinda angry as I thought I would get into trouble from my employer. Mom met me at the door eyes filled with tears. I BLURTED OUT. Why have you got me home from Iraq. I just spoke to granddad he's ok. That's impossible she said he is in a coffin in the front room. Did I imagine it. Was I tired from the long journey home. I don't know. Who can explain it. I can't.

    ole hipster

    Definitely freaky and most definitely room for thought!

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