Nearly 3 years old and not talking.

    My niece has a little boy who will be 3 in 2 months .Apart from Mamma ,Dadda,and Peter ! he refuses to talk however he does communicate very well with his hands Apart from this he is very bright little boy with a good sense of humour .We think he is somehow shy to talk because he started to ask for water one day and as soon as( wat) got out he covered his mouth. Has anyone come across this before? l

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    My eldest daughter was the same exact way as anoyed 1! My son didn't walk until he was well over two. Now he runs for health reasons religiously and well! All parents worry about their child's progression and often compare theirs to other folks' children. Not such a good thing to do. Causes too much worry. All children develop differently. If your child seems normal in all other respects perhaps he/she just doesn't have much to say yet!. If you're still concerned please see your pediatrician for further answers. Lots of luck to you!

    Something your Pediatrician should answer. Take the kid to the doctor.

    We have had a speech therapist round on a weekly basis ,who doesn't think there is anything wrong with the child and it will happen sooner or later, but it is getting very frustrating especially when someone tried to reassure my niece by telling her Einstein didn't speak until 5 years old!!

    I have a grandson who only communicated with immediate family until he was in the 8'th or 9'th grade.My daughter would get soooo frustrated because some of his teachers complained about him not talking in school.He did,however,have one very good teacher,who took her teaching skills seriously,and dug,and looked to find out what could be wrong. It was determined he had a problem called self-mutism,where the children are terrified to speak or do anything around people they dont know well.He would whisper to his classmates to tell the teachers things but he would not talk out loud at school.He was always our very intelligent boy around the family,but would not ,,well he could not communicate with others,It was just terrifying to him. I thank God almight,He is a strapping boy of 15 now,and seldom sees a stranger and he talks to almost everyone.Just a suggestion.This is,i think ,a relatively new disorder that not a lot is known about.You can look up information.WWW.SELF-MUTISM.COM. I hope the little one does well!

    When I had my daughter I was going through the same thing. I think that I have taken her to see about 4 doctors to find out what was wrong, no one could give me an answer. Everytime she needed something should would communicate by pointing at it an make noise, because she always got what she wanted there was no need for her to speak. One day I had to be at church for a christmas dinner that lasted till about 12am. My oldest was looking after her and she would do the same. At one point my oldest got so fustrated that she said "I can't understand you and if it is something that you wanted then you need to speak". She had no choice at that time but to say something because she was not getting what she wanted. Now she is twelve and I can't stop her from talking.

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