Have you something to confess ?

    Have you ever done anything that you would like to get off your chest? Confess Now!!!

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    I confess I wished my boss ill fate to day I take it back sort of......

    I confess that I am not as good a christian and good person as I want to be but I just strive harder each and every day to do better.

    by the way, are you thinking of becoming a priest?

    i have exagerated so many stories, waah, just thinking how much stuff would've been different if i only said the original one,, haha , well it's all in the past, thinking of you're crimes won't make any differnce, fixing them in the future is what it counts

    No it's just something I did years ago that maybe i shouldn't have.

    Ole hippy, you surprise me ,i would have thought that ole Hippys would let them all hang loose (no disrespect!)

    ole hipster

    Hi Papermoon, twas a joke!

    ole hipster

    Oh and by the way you were absolutely right. I haven't worn a bra since high school!

    Yes, these damn implants

    no confession :D

    i lied about not having another girlfriend when i already had 2

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