what is alzaimer deseas

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    this is what some old people suffer with! it is a loss of memory! my grandmother has it! sad! :(

    Alzheimer’s is a progressively degenerative condition typically recognized as a loss of memory to death. Recent advances in understanding this condition has led to remediation of several symptoms  but there is much more research on-going. 

    I do have Alzheimer's….so, what was the question? Oh, I do take a couple of drugs prescribed for it. So before I forget, I love you and I’ll let you know if I remember you or forget to show up.  

    Ummm,,hang on a minute ..I`m trying to remember!...?What was the question?? ;--0


    lol..I actually thought that if ANYONE picked up on this answer it would be you Rob!!..hahaha:-)
    nice, nice

    hi! taking a break? good! thanks for the comment! u made me blush with pride! lol!:[]

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