Do you think almost all adults would choose to work?

    Could it be that those on welfare have their problems? Low IQ, addiction, poor upbringing, insanity, health problems, learning disabilities, etc.

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    I kind of miss working. I miss the paycheck. Working is something to do and I would go back if I found a job I could truly love. A man who loves his job will never have to work a day in his life……..


    Sure I can if my mental state allows……...

    I think most people would choose to work, there are a certain amount of people who can not work for one reason or another, and they need to be looked after. But there will always be a certain number that choose not to work, and, while the rest of the people pay to keep them they will continue to do nothing.

    The late Alistair Cooke (Letter from America) said that old men should never retire as they hang about the house and annoy their wives, so he kept working until he was in his 90's.

    I would very much prefer to work but so far have found nothing.


    I think if most people were filthy rich, they would not work; but they would find another way to fulfill their life, and hopefully help people. Most people look forward to retirement, b/c they've had it with the grind and the a holes they've had to work with .

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