Handicapped Parking

    How many people on here.Have ever parked in a handicapped spot.

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    there are disabilites that are hidden. my family has just about deserted me because they don't believe in my injury. what i've been through. my life is totally changed. i hope that somebody reads this and can start to understand what it might be like. my mri's and x-rays sure prove what i'm talking about. i feel inclined to say shame on you.

    Sorry to hear about your family's problems, remember that just because they're family, it doesn't make them good people...

    When people really love you they have compassion for you, sorry to hear about injury, hope you have some real friends who support you. If not join a pain management group, or something? I know how off family can be, stay strong sister.

    Man I am really sorry! I know disabilities I really do I Have them my self. I have MS know about MRIS and I have had cat scan's a spinal tap and hope YOUR family gets more supportive hope and good wishes

    Only when I deliver something have a huge truck. The thing that bothers me sometimes, is when you see someone with a handicap permit and they can walk faster than you can!


    i have a permit. sometimes i can walk faster than YOU can. other times i can hardly walk to the mail box. i had an injury to the nerves in my neck and back ten years ago.

    Only when my ankle was broken and then very rarely but I had a temporary handicap sign then. But I do get really irriated at those that do park in them and should not my feelings on that is that is laziness gone to seed. I mean give me a break you are okay and you cannot walk may 5-6 ft.?


    yes, i can walk 5-6 feet but i can't drive because i can't turn my neck.
    I can't drive and I'm handicapped I have MS I can barely walk I have to use a walker.People who may look to be walking fast may have an artificial leg they need the parking spot because it is hard to walk on one.I know someone who has an artificial leg it is my Dad
    he is the one who drives me around when needed .
    As you said Leroy I to have seen people jump out of a car and almost run into a store clearly they do not h an artificial leg bet they where using they where using a family member's handicap permit.(To any one I might have offended I am sorry or hurt your feelings and I am sorry) Love to you all!

    Only at the "Mom and Pop" convienence store by my house when the lot was full. You know.. everybody has one of those stores. Bathroom needs a key on a big ring and they sell corndogs and gas?

    Yes,I have parked in handicapped slots on many occasions,why do I do this ??, Because I frequently have to drive around the car park looking for a space only to see several cars with handicap stickers parked in the non handicapped areas when tha spaces allocated to them are empty and I find this extremely annoying,not to mention all the people I have seen alighting from vehicles with stickers that do not appear to have any kind of disability,by which I mean that they walk perfectly normally and carry heavy items from the store with ease.


    "they do not appear to have any disabilities" dave ... they might. if someone is getting on your nerves because they are not limping ... why don't you ask them?

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