Anybody want to listen to police calls while on this site?

    You can go to to find police and fire calls. It's free. I'm in Chicago and let me tell you "it's a hot time in the old town tonight"!

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    ole hipster

    You're's a hoot isn't it?!

    yeah! I'm there now!

    Cool site "old hipster", can't listen to it long thou shows me what a crap city I live in and yes "Colleen" consider your self-lucky to live in a dead town as far as that stuff goes. I listened to my city (Cleveland, Ohio)for about 30 min.and, not 5 sec.went by without calls and it's only 6p.m.on a sat.cacan't wait till later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SADDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!


    LOL, I actually do appreciate that my town is so dead on crime. Makes it a nice place to live :)
    ole hipster

    yeah it's a bitch living in these big cities huh? I understand that Cleveland is not so hot either...keep on keeping on my's all that we can do!
    Woo-hoo! All this time waiting...and the big news is................ white caravan backed into a jeep Cherokee in the mall parking lot. Excitement or what?? I might have to drive down and check it out! lmao!! OK, yup..proof that my town is dead.
    ole hipster

    There's someone who commented on the radioreference site that they are in the UK and listening to Chicago's police calls but I don't know if that too is free...I think I just get Chicago and yeah your town is deader than a yourself here in Chitown is sometimes not so pleasant! Lot of different reasons behind my comment..(:

    Listen man, they're after me...Im sure of it...I'm COMPLETELY INNOCENT! No, Really.  Tell me when they're coming so I can hide under my bed!  Thanks, you're the BEST!!!!





    Police scanner

    You need to set up the scanner on this one

    1) click on your state on the map

    2) Click on your county on the map

    3) Under ad for google earth, click, Launch the county web player

    4) In pop up window, see player with list of towns, find your town and click it.

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