How can you change to a custom gravatar in akaQA when you already have an account with Gravatar?

    I see no option there for akaQA, and nothing in akaQA about how to do this.

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    oh yes...then when you are back on here go back to edit my account and the pic will show up:)

    This too I have tried already to no avail. I do however appreciate your persistence in trying to help!

    thats just weird, sorry I couldn't help
    You might need to empty your cache to get to show up.

    Also done... ;-)
    Headless Man

    When I did mine I didn't think it was going to work then Bang there it was.
    okay here is step by step, I just did it . Go to edit your account on here, click GRAVATAR under your image. put your user name and password and it takes you to Manage Gravatar. In blue you will see "add new" Select where you are going to get the image...I used "computer hard drive"... click.Browse and pick crop and finish then pick the select the image by clicking on it twice(double click) and confirm...x off and wait. Hopefully it works as easily for you. Good luck!
    Go into your Gravatar account and follow the directions. It takes a couple minutes to change on here but once you have picked the new pic it will change over. If I figured it out ...anyone one

    Yes. I did that and it did not work (which is what promptes me to write the question in the first place!)

    Thanks anyway!

    did you ever manage to change your Gravatar as I have tried with no avail let me know please Mel

    YES...follow the exact steps from the thread below. If you can't then I have no idea what is going on with your computer

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