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    I want too buy a digital camera.What's the best camera for the best price.

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    Depends on your level of photography.
    Either Nikon or Canon is a good choice.
    Nikon started out manufacturing camera lenses, then began making cameras. For that reason I personally prefer Nikon because of their Superior optical development.
    If tour just starting out and only want a point and shoot camera, then take a look at Sony, the reason being they utilize Ziss Icon Lenses, there is no better lenses made,"period"
    If you want a good 35mm entry level camera take a look at Nikon D-500, for two reasons, first their not that complected and so far advanced with all the whistles and bells that it takes a week just to go through the instruction manual, fairly straight forward, and the second reason is you can also take video in HD and from what I have been told by some pros. is that the video is as good as you would get with a high end video camera.
    The price ranges from about 500 to 600 dollars.
    Hope this helps

    I have a fugi.. It take really good pix... But if I had a couplde hundred more $ in my pocket I would have gotten a NICON

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