What is one of your favorite TV comericals

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    They do not to me have any commercials that I think are funny or cute just boring and stupid. There is however one commercial that I know why they do it the way they do because it is the truth but sadly I have to get up and leave the room when it comes on because it hurts my heart so it it the commercial for the American Humane Society for Animals the one where it shows pitiful (but truthful) pictures of the animals and says things like why did they do me this way, will I die today, and things like that. It is a very truthful and meaningful commercial and is meant to get the publics attention of the abuse of animals and that they need our help.


    <a href="/users/363/darci13/">@Darci13</a> - I feel you, I hate that commercial. Also, the commercials that as you to adopt a child from those third world countries!!!

    The longer one so I can take my time at either the refrigerator, or the toilet. LOL

    The Old Spice Commercial. I'm looking at the guy, not at the old spice!!!

    They ain't had a good one since Louie tried to kill the Frogs Budweiser

    the robots that make mash potato

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