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    Why wouldn't GOD let MOSES into the promised land.

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    stuborness or disobedience

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    Both, God asked Moses to,"Talk to the Rock," Instead Moses hit the rock with his staff. The Rock is a symbolic name for Jesus. On this foundation will I build my church. Speaking of the Rock Jesus. Not Peter as commonly misunderstood. God wanted to use the Rock as a metaphor for Jesus when It came to the water coming from the rock, water to the people meant life in that part of the world.

    It was because of His disobedience of smiting the rock, but maybe it was because Moses was stubborn? I agree with bootsie Moses did have a quite a temper.

    God did not allow Moses into the promise land because Moses got angry with the jews. while he was in the mountains receiving the 10 commandments the jews were down below celebrating and worshipping a false idol which they had melted gold and made a golden calf to worship. This so angered Moses that he through down the two stone tablets that God had written in a rage at his peoples behavior.


    Well done!

    You answered correctly.


    NO NO iT WAS LIKE THIS gOD INTRUCTED mOSES TO STRIKE THER ROCK one time. impatient he struck it twice.

    Because Moses would not listen when he got upset and anger was a problem for him, anger management classes wasn't offered then. Only God punish the people not man.

    Maybe he was a dirty old man. Take a look at his pictures.

    revelation 2.9 and 3.9 the so call jews are not the people moses talk to you mean hebrew's if you read these two revelation you will know that those jews over in the middle east are not God's people they are with satan.

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