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    What modern vehicle was invented to circumvent trench warfare?

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    It was the tank

    Aye it was the mark I tank,often linked with Winston Churchill but of course he didnt invent it but set up a commitee to find solutions to the deadlock on the frontline then back it.We're talking obviously about the First World War.It started with mass mobilisation and movement but then when the armies dug in during autumn 1914 they were unable to move again.Machine guns and barbed wire made offensive action ineffective so both sides dug huge trench systems and brought up the heavy guns n there they were stuck.British engineers devised the tank,an armoured and armed box with catipillar tracks that could traverse the shell torn ground,survive machine gun fire and attack the enemy trenches.It first went into action near the end of the Somme,1916 but had little real impact,it wasnt till Cambrai 1917 that it fulfilled its promise.They were shipped to France in crates labelled Water Tank for security,hence the name

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