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    I have a private phone number.And a private listing i get 5 to 10 phone calls a day.Doe's anybody know how to solve my problem.

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    First be sure and put your number on the National Do Not Call Registry that handles the telemarketers calling you. Other than that hope you have caller ID and I would not answer the ones I did not want to afterall you are the one paying for the phone and you should not talk to anyone that you do not wish to.

    I have a new provider that gave me a booklet to solve all my phone call problems - one of them was how to block any numbers that supress their telephone numbers such as "Private Caller" "Out of Area" etc. with no telephone number that shows on my caller ID. Unfortunately, I am already listed with the National Do Not Call Registry and there are many company that simply choose to ignore the fact they I could report them and get them fined for their phone calls to me - BUT I would have to do all the leg work and they know that! I would have to engage these people in a conversation in order to get their company information such as name, address etc. which I am sure they have prompted their employees NOT TO GIVE unless they are sure you are really going to do business with them - such as commit to a service and give them your credit card number to pay for it! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

    Contact your local telephone service provider and see if they can give you any ideas or services they provide for an extra charge.

    Even if you change your phone number, somehow they get that number from one of the previous subscribers because he has a drivers license or bought something and his name shows up on a list. Companys buy these lists everywhere from a sorts of other companies - always be sure to read the policies of internet companies regarding sharing your name with others - chose NOT TO if you can. That is where it all starts.

    Good luck.

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