John Kennedy

    Do you remember where you was when JFK was assinated.

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    Walking home from grade school(i think they let us out early)wondering why people were crying,i was in the 3nd grade...

    I was in Social Studies class, ninth grade HS, Hayward Ca

    I was young, was at school when over the school PA system came the message-- 'The president of the united states, John F. Kennedy has been shot'. For about 20 minutes or so they rebroadcast this over the school PA system from a radio station. School was let out early that day.. It was a very sad time in America, I can remember it well.. It was a Friday.

    I was at home watching cartoons, I was only 6-7 years old.

    TSC, what kind of talk is that?

    One of these men remembers rescuing him. The 2 others don't remember it at all!

    Yeah, at the Texas School Book Depository. ;)

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