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    Can high blood pressure cause headaches and swelling in legs

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    papa peg heres one of my borrowed thumbs up for you and how about one for mine or anyone who answers your question satisfactory!

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    The answer is yes. Which came first, minimal swelling of the foot, ankle and leg over very long period of time were it became gradually worse and worse very slowly. Or the high pressure?
    Each are symptoms of each other and yes high blood pressure effects your circular system and effects blood output of your heart causing swollen leg syndrome and headaches.
    Over time, other symptoms of a swollen leg will develop:
    High blood pressure- if not already presented,
    Increased urination,
    Swollen hands and/or wrists,
    Puffy eyes and
    Weight gain. Hope this answer helps answer your question and adds a thumbs up if worthy.

    Swelling in the legs I thought was due to poor circulation?

    Yes to your question Papa Peg..please talk to your Doc..I am concerned.

    Get u a blood pressure machine like i did,cut out salt intake and alcohol,you will see a difference ?

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