Devil Worshipers

    How many people on this site are Devil Worshipers

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    there are no truths to be had in this type of worship

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    to worship the devil is to follow a looser. We all know what his future holds for him.
    you are either for me or against me says the lord

    Do you have scientific proof that a satanic bible exists

    I can assure I am not a devil worshiper.

    these ideas of god&Satan are put into place everyday of peoples life's ,what is it that drives this morbid fascination. is it not a insult to ones intelligence to accept such possibilities, put on a happy face and send out some positive vibes, tell Hollywood to get rid of all those horror movies lets not allow negative self talk to create these identities. who runs your life in the land of the FREE.

    How can satanism be athiestic,that makes no sense.
    Athiest don't believe in god therefore don't believe in satan both being equally as absurd.If you acknowledge satan then it stands to reason you accept god exists and by definition you cannot be an athiest.


    well said to the confused minds out there fastbob


    LeVeyan Satanism is athiestic. So if you read the satanic bible you don't worship the devil, lol

    What do they really exist outside of horror movies.They must be as deluded as the god squad but least they get to have orgies during their

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