abortion SUCKS

    When babies are aborted.Do you think they go to HEAVEN.

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    Well no one really knows if there is a HEAVEN. But wherever they do go it's a lot better then coming into this world and having a messed up life because there parent/s couldn't support them.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Hey papa peg, good question, my answer is below and I am not sure of it, but want to be the one that gets you past 1K. Great Job!

    papa peg

    I had a bad life to .But i was man enough to care of my own.And didn't have to abort my kids

    papa peg

    50 Million babies aborted every year.Thats a lot of little ANGELS

    Ms Sinclair

    Since you saw fit to vote me down for expressing an opinion that doesn't coincide with your own I did the same to you in return. That's the trouble with you christian fundamentalists. You believe that you're the only ones who are entitled to have an opinion.

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    It's so wrong. Wonder how many people (men and women) agonize over the abortions they had done for selfish reasons which at the time seemed to be justified. Hope I'm the only one who has to take this to their grave. I would do anything and give everything I have, to undo this one terrible Thing.
    papa peg

    Ed Shank I wrote a comment.I'ts down below sorry.

    Ed,you just made my prayer list.
    ed shank

    Papa Peg, nothing to apologize for. I owed an apology to God, and have asked for forgiveness long ago. I have been blessed in so many ways through the years, perhaps it was his way of accepting my apology. I've never been able to stop agonizing over this.
    I was paralyzed with a broken back at 14.I never had a chance to join the Army.I never killed a child.Have You

    Congratulations, 10,000!
    i cant see why a child has to born into this world, where many times its not wanted, What is more of a crime, an abortion of a fetus, or the spiritual death of this unwanted child who will eventually become a burden to society, because no one ever loved or cared about him.Yes, I believe in God and I know God is not an unjust God, he is a forgiving and loving God.Yes I believe all babies go to heaven.

    I think all children who die go to heaven (if their under the age of accountably) and an aborted child is a child, the parents maybe not, they need to be forgiven.

    I don't think they go to hell, they haven't had a chance to sin yet? The only reason for anyone to wind up in hell is for denying Jesus and not having their sins forgiven or even asking. God is Holly and perfect, the only to get into heaven is to be perfect yourself.None of us are perfect!!! God will not allow sin into heaven. The only way to be made perfect is a blood sacrifice, like in the Old Testament, they sacrificed a lamb. Jesus is that perfect lamb, his blood shed on the cross- will cleanse you and make you sin free, if you ask Him. But I think all babies go to heaven even children up to the age of accountability, I guess around 12 to 15 years old?

    The following is just an opinion and highly speculative. Supposedly, at some point, Jesus will rule for 1000 years. This is probably not an exact figure. However, I think it will take Jesus this long to judge and remedy all of the stupid things we have done as humans, and killing off our children is certainly one of them. Perhaps it will be during this time that the aborted baby will be brought into physical life to live to the age of accountability. At this point, the child will be able to choose eternal Life with Christ, or not.

    Mr Shank PaPaPeg here.I'M sorry if I brought sorrow upon your heart.That wasn't my intention.I'm a Christian and I believe that all children up to a certain age of accountability go to Heaven.I'm sorry I hurt you but there is someone who can take away that pain.His name is JESUS CHRIST.LOVE YOU GOD BLESS YOU DON.

    ed shank

    Sometimes I need a reminder of bad choices made.
    I have my own opinion on the morality of abortion... However, I do beleive that all children are heaven bound.
    Abortion is a murder!
    Abortion SUCKS, is right but I believe that all children under the age of accountability go to heaven and the people responsible for the abortion can be forgiven, we have a great God.
    I find it interesting that people who are opposed to abortion are often the same people who have no qualms about dropping bombs on children and adults in other countries or advocating capital punishment. I think that if men could have babies this would not even be an issue in the first place.
    I like you to.I got hurt at 14 I've never killed a child.So i'm happy that you're happy.

    Stop being medieval, will you?

    Yes, Papa,

    They do! They have not had time to incurr what we know as 'spiritual iniquity'. it is a stain upon the spirit for the things done in the flesh. These have not come to know what we have learned from those who have preceeded us here in life.

    These unborn, return to Him who gave the breath that made them life. it is like mercury rolling towards a giant ball of mercury; it becomes part of it, where it came from and as whole.

    yes, they return to God.

    Your sister,

    you are goin to hell

    papa peg

    NO i know where i'm going.HEAVEN waits for me.

    papa peg

    I'm sorry i made the wrong remark.You really shouldn't let your dog play on the computer.

    "Don't have the poptarts! That's Satans food!"

    papa peg

    I'M a CHRISTIAN i love pop tarts.

    Does God tell you what to eat for breakfast too?

    papa peg

    Why are you a friend of satan

    GOD TOLD ME TO TELL YOU NOT TO TELL OTHERS THAT THEY ARE GOIN' TO HELL! He makes the decisions not you, so roottatuutuu.


    Sorry I only gave the reason why people go to hell, I didn't condemn anyone to hell. I also gave the way to get there. God told me to write that. Which god told you that? I was talking to the real God.


    Well at least EM can count to three. The god of this world is the devil, I thought you might have noticed the capital G's and the lower case g's ? Just kidding with you gm. God loves you no matter what anybody else may think about you. Thanks papa!

    papa peg

    EM123 GOD didn't talk to you.That was satan telling you he has a place in hell for you.But GOD said i have to love you but i don't have to like you.May GOD have mercy on your soul.JESUS LOVES YOU

    papa peg

    Good answer LEROY

    heaven / hell. Your world vision is so simplist. What do you learn at school in US ? Just to be stupid ?

    Grit Savage

    @ papa peg. Americans are educated to become fundamentalist Christians, who have invested a huge amount of money to build weapons of mass destruction which will enable you to kill as many people as possible from the comfort of you own American bunker! people who "strap" bombs to themselves do so because they are poor and BELIVE in their cause! you lazy fat yanks cant even be arsed to fight for your own ideals. you will fight for oil and say it is in the name of democracy!
    I think the end you speak of is the end of American dominace. Asia is rising and doing rather well
    @ papitou. well said :-)


    Unfortunately, everbody on this planet knows how to make their own weapons. If there is something they know, that's it.
    And if you look upon history, the end has been supposed to come soon all the time. People have always had apocalyptic ideas. The truth is that empires rise, and empires fall. History is cyclic. Thus, the only thing that ends is cycles, and those ends are at the same time the beginning of a new epoch.

    So try to look beyond your society's limits, widen your perspective on human civilization. Only that way you can avoid sinking along with your boat. Get onto a new one!

    papa peg

    No Americans go to school to learn.Not to strap bombs to their children.The end is coming soon and you nice people.Don't even know how to make your own weapons.And you call us stupid

    papa peg

    I am as poor as you can get.I know maybe we should quit giving our American money too poor countries.But i like giving to people when i have extra.And we fought the nazi's and Japan we didn't get no oil from those wars.
    papa peg

    I am as poor as you can get.I know maybe we should quit giving our American money too poor countries.But i like giving to people when i have extra.And we fought the nazi's and Japan we didn't get no oil from those wars.
    papa peg

    Oh by the way this yank is in great shape.

    well when you have an abortion its not really a child in the actual sense of the word really is it....and what is heaven and what is hell..........hell is the life we are all leading now on earth with this bloody recession, now thats what I call hell............heaven would be having enough money to live on, without having to scrimp and scrape and rob peter to pay paul, to be healthy, wealthy and to where the phoetus goes after an abortion....well sorry to be so blunt but it goes in the incinerator...............


    I wasn't talking to you my kind sir.
    Me and God just had a deep conversation on MSN.

    papa peg

    EM123 does MSN mean MY SIN NETWORK

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