new world order

    Who do you think will be the leader.Of the new world order

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    Grit Savage

    the CEO of an oil company

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    papa peg read my answer and let me know were I am wrong. I was just taken the other view point, or dream. Thumbs up friend.


    I vote for Papa Peg!
    papa peg

    LEEROY you can't vote for me.I only have one leg.And not a very good education but i can spell pretty good.Doe's that count.

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    we'll know all to soon
    Will never happen. The conflicting ideologies throughout the world cannot make it equal for all. Those with nothing, win, those with something loose. China, Russia, America, Africa all at the same table. With the exception of Africa who would compromise? Nobody. George Sorous has been trying to sell this garbage for years.
    They are the super rich, a very small group, they will probably vote in one of their own. Maybe a good politician, but the odds of finding one of them is astronomical.

    From the E.U. probably

    The needs of many outweigh the needs of few so I'll say china will lead the new world order within the next 50 yrs.

    The NWO is already here. It isn't run by one person, but by representatives of major countries. No one can become a leader of a country without the ideal of bringing their country into socialistic terms of the NWO, including the President of the U.S.

    It would be the U.S. president most likely. But it matters not. It's partially a scam
    of fear. Don't let them suck your energy away. Keep it, and spread divine love. The New World
    Order depends on afraid, confused people. Let the truth resonate within you, if you want your
    soul to be free. =] much love love.

    Sovereign citizens each one if we win as opposed to I'm at the top your at the bottom as we have now. ie. more of the same with a different color of money to crave.

    Theres no problem with one world, the problem is with who will control it. I vote for us.

    Well from what they talk about on television.our president

    Iran I'm afraid.


    IRAN? That's all the world needs. A loony Mullah waiting for the 12th Imam to show up.


    the question was he is going to be not who should be.

    Financial/economic enterprises: corporations, transnational companies, etc.

    Were am I missing the point. I am just presenting another view point. Please no thumbs down, I am just looking for what I am missing. All comments are appreciated. Thank you.

    Why do we have nearly 200 different countries? We are all humans with the same genetic make up and mutual goals to help our children grow up and be respectful, decent and productive members of society. If we all worked together we would be more efficient and have an "explosion" of advanced technologies in nearly every aspect of life and industries. No war b/c we are one- the human race. I can see how this would drag down the USA, Japan, Germany and the other wealthy countries but after a couple of decades we would be united and things will level out.


    IDK...that smells a liiiiitle bit communist.

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