anyone have any tips for insomnia? I have sleeping meds but don't want to become too dependent on them, its 4.20 am here ..and yep still awake

    I have insomnia, I take medication sometimes but don't want to become too dependent on them, its almost 4.30 am here and yep still wide awake, makes it very hard to get through the day as Im always tired, that is until I try to sleep, any ideas??

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     Counting Sheep Try and get on the internet and buy Melatonin they come in different milograms they are not addictive I use to suffer from insomnia I took them for a couple of months and now dont take them any more good luck



    Mel you could be stressed,and work overload. Relax more, take some walks, and after your walks, take a nice warm bath to help relief the tension. I hope this help,and take great care of yourself. xoxoxo!

    Hi Pamela thanks for the advise bu I did all that in what you mentioned and I was still up and getting about 3/4 hours a night and I know its not good and I know the melatonin did work and I dont take them anymore but you do get to the point and think am I really ever going to sleep again as I said I am so much better now than I was about 6 months ago I now cant stay a wake by 9pm I want to go to bed thanks again for the advise lol oxoxoox

    Thanks Mel! Glad to hear you are doing better. :-)

    Thanks Pamela LOL

    Burn the midnight oil on this site.  When you are tired, you will have a sound sleep.  That is my experience.

    like it lambshank!!!!!Unfortunately i cant have the whisky!!!! :)

    have you tried drinking chocolate or similar before you go to bed? Ive never tried it but know someone who swears by whisky in warm milk


    the whisky sounds good, not sure about the warm milk bit

    No, I hav'nt tried drinking it,but lots of it!

    Read some of the questions here. Most of them will put you to sleep.

    When you do fall asleep,how long do you sleep?You may just have to slowly juggle the hours around a bit,the hell with the meds...


    I sleep for a couple of hours, then watch the clock til its time to get up and go to work, I set the alarm so know I wont sleep in, find it hard getting through the day,

    Try to pray, you will see it's hard to stay awake !

    You need a sleep study done, visit you doctor and request one.

    Have a wank lamb shank...usually works for me.


    What is this, wank lamb shank? This is new for me.

    Gumshaw's got it. A good boinking usually does it for me.


    what a gumshaw? You guys are tripping me out!

    you must be younger than I, think Id rather poke my left eyeball out with a biro!!!

    only brings back fond....but distant memories for me! Ed

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