Have you idiots got nothing better to do?

    There is a world of charity work needing help, why not make your self useful.

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    ....apparently, judging others takes your time.

    what are you doing to be charitable, besides giving some uplifting worldy advice. you must be quite a piller in your local community. especially with words like "idiots".who's the real idiot here? some one said your to young to be here, i'll take it a step furter and say your too immature ,root word being "mature. so maybe you could make yourself usefull and run for mayor of simpleton.


    Of course we have better things to do, and we did 4 years ago when you asked this question.  It's because we have the freedom to CHOOSE what we do that we are here.  Any time a person is coerced or shamed into community service, it isn't "charity". 
    Oh, and anyone who sees this should read the comment to suliz from the one whose name must not be mentioned....the little comment followed by the :)     Now perhaps this explains why a thumb's down is such an issue on the site.



    Does his dog stink??or was it someones nose at fault,,

    @Bob...It was always about the constant argue, argue, argue, no matter how trivial. That's what keeps some people going.
    country bumpkin

    Ducky is correct IMHO.

    There doesn't seem to be as much arguing nowadays. I just thought the "tit for tat" with a "smile" afterwards was not very "moderator-ly" behavior.
    country bumpkin

    Funny how the majority of the people still hanging on and enjoying each others company on aka are the same people (whose name we shall not mention) who someone tried to convince others are a bunch of troublemakers or are not worthy of being here on aka.
    I think we do. At least we are doing something to hwlp others. but i think that you have nothing better to do then making up stupid questions and posting them..... :P
    lainey take your own advice. Get off the computer. You're far too young to be on the internet.

    Thanks for the vote Colleen. After Diddie & Sharroth I felt this needed saying.
    ole hipster

    Hey Colleen, me lassie...I just TU'd you but didn't see your ratings number rise like the others (may be I blinked??) let me know if the TU worked if you see this comment...thanks!

    +15 ole hipster voted up your answer in which you said: "lainey take your own advic..."

    Not sure if my numbers changed though as I'm not sure where they were at.

    HOW do you "know" what we do when we're not here?


    Yeah, we're a lot smarter than some people think! lol
    An "idiot" "is a mentally deficient person, having intelligence in the lowest measurable range, being unable to guard against common dangers, and incapable of learning connected speech." American Heritage Dictionary. I find it so odd that anyone would use words they don't. The poseur to berate others...unless, of course, others have applied the term to describe them, and lacking the facility to comprehend the meaning, lavishes their verbal gift on others in the hope that they can free themselves of its stigma. Lainey is a primate at least.

    I think I'm doing so much more than you,,, Sitting at the local tavern solving world problems.

    country bumpkin

    What is the name of your local tavern? Tee Hee! When I lived in Pleasanton, Texas, there was a bar called the Oasis and this was when Garth was in his prime.


    Haha there should be a song like that.. It's just Okie tavern
    Don't forget your on here right along with all us idiots...welcome my idiot would be nice if you would ask an intelligent question rather than one pertaining such very little thought;).
    Look at some of the serious questions on here & you'll see how many of us rally round when someone is desperate, often coming to the site for the first time in for help. Also, how do you know we don't joke and ask silly questions sometimes because we're lonely... housebound... or just ENJOY talking to people we've never met & probably never will?

    You unvoted me on the my dog stinks inssue, so I decided to return the favor and unvote you here :)

    Colleen your "dog stinks" answer was great. Did voting for it twice mean the opposite of what I meant to do? If it did I'm sorry. I'm still trying to follow the voting rules. I'll vote again, watch your rating & hope it goes back up.

    I can't find the dog question & I may have voted you up on here as well. I'll put it right the next time I find an answer of yours to a question I haven't read before.

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