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    how hard is it to learn to speak vietnamese?

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    Try looking into Rosetta Stone to learn the language. It helped my wife learn Russian. The only Vietnamese I know is "ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME" :)

    I know " Soul Brodda to Booku" and U li to pardy

    For an English speaker, Vietnamese is relatively difficult. It is a monosylabic language which upfront makes it sound easy because all words are one syllable. However there are five tones for each word, therefor each word has five different meanings depending on the tone you use; rising, falling, swirling, abrupt stop and another swirling tone hard to descibe in writing. That is why it sounds very sing-songy to the Enlish ear. Also the written language is latinic so there are no difficult Asian characters to learn.

    I'm an American, studied at the International language school in Monterey for one year, eight hours a day, then used it in Vietnam for several years and am still not fluent. Just get by.

    I do recommmend Rosetta Stone.

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