orphaned then adopted

    why do some people take advantage of orphans or the less fortunate people in the society,surbotaging every thing they do,paying people money to destroy them,they took me not because they loved me but to make money thru sponsourship.22 years since I left there home and they still pay people to follow me around like a dog - I have become a victim of everyone around me. evil people .......DOES ANYONE HAVE AN ANSWER TO THIS?????
    They use young people who have parents and have no idea what it is like to grow up in a childrens home or without anyone to identify with.

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    hmmmm, i don't really get the process, why do they do that when your already an adult?

    they are evil people especially the woman she is a witch, and when she uses her witchcraft against me then I pray ,they get affected by her wichcraft.

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