Help required with parrot

    I have a parrot, a Norwegisn Blue, beautiful plumage but does not appear to move or eat his food. any suggestions?

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    How is your Parrot , hope its better now.

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    is this a trick question all signs point to a dead parrot

    Perhaps he's a hologram??

    You been looking at Monty Python. It's a dead parrot. have it stuffed

    Put a small mirror in the cage, if it does not react to it's own image (thinking it is another bird) or fog up the glass with bird breath I fear the prognosis is grim.

    How long have you had this parrot? Are his claws too Long?

    it might be sick try the vets and see what they say

    How long have you had the parrot? Parrots need stimulation but it could also be a health issue. It is hard to say not knowing the Parrot and how long you have had it.

    parrots like lots of avtivity and attention try putting him near a window so that he can see everything outside might help if not get him a partner

    Don't waste any time at all. Contact a specialist bird vet as it would be such a shame to lose such a beautiful parrot

    keep him warm with plenty of water and if no change get in touch with an avian vet

    Hope you will hv good news

                                                          A Pets Prayer.

    My people are so precious Lord,

    I know you think so too,

    And I know you want me here,

    To Love them, just for you,

    They take such gentle care of me,

    And have such tender hearts,

    Please use me Lord to comford them,

    When ever their tear drops start,

    They face alot of battles ,

    As they live and work each day,

    They need me Lord to make them,

    And show them how to play,

    The world is full of people but,

    Some times friends are few,

    Please let my Love and Loyalty,

    Remind them Lord of you,

    And when my final moments come,

    Lord, tell them as we part,

    I was an made to order gift,

    Right from your Loving heart,          Amen.


    That is beautiful!

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