What in your opinion is the best invention still in use today?

    My own favorite is the bicycle!!!  

    UPDATE (04/08/2012 UK):

    Well done and a big thank you to the cyclists of Britain's olympic team for their gold medals and showing just how good my favourite invention is. Fantastic.

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    Hi west thanks for your comment I would love to hear about your 11 cats I did have at one stage in my life 10 cats what apleasure they all were I only have 4 cats now and the oldest is 18 yrs old and his name is Henry so please tell some tales would love to hear them soon thanks LOL

    Good question, West! :-)

    Hi there west-bus! Olympics are great, aren't they? :)

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    The Wheel


    Your simple little answer did not get much clapping.
    I agree with rengard


    Good Choice. My bike has two of them!!

    The Printing Machine.


    and the shredder to compliment it!

    Paper and pencil/pen

    air conditioning




    Now there's a bright idea.

    The refrigerator, washing machine are up there is my book and of course the automobile


    The clock



    Hickory Dickory Dock
    Three mice ran up the clock
    The clock struck one
    The other two escaped with minor injuries.

    Hickory Dickory Dock,
    An elephant ran up the clock.
    The clock is currently being repaired.

    The telescope and the radio telscope with both we study the stars!!""



    I am sure that on another day I would opt for your suggestion without any hesitation. Astronomy is mind-boggling, truly awesome and with todays telescopes (Hubble for example ) we get a glimpse of stars and matter from many light-years away too incredible for us to comprehend.

    Thanks for reminding me.





    Hi west-bus you didnt say what century 21st 20th well in the 20 th it would have to be the TV though I am not that keen on it my selve but I do belive it was the most inventive of its time


    Hi M&R. I meant from A.D. 01.01.0001. to the Present.
    Thanks for your contribution.
    I would like one day to tell a couple of tales from my long memory of my eleven cats that I have been blessed with.

    " The (George Foreman Grill) & other stuff."


    hahaha. Good one.


    i meant to say electricity too!!!!but got sidetracked by your beautiful cat west!!!


    Hope its only a cat that sidetracks you.

    A simple Kiss.


    Thanks for your answer, but tell me, as I am no expert on kissing, is there a complex or complicated kiss?

    I am far from being an expert. Nonetheless, kissing is something that requires too people to adjust to each other for both to enjoy. A great western invention.

    the safety pen! It has saved me from many embarrassing moments!


    I am relatively certain you must've meant to say the "Safety PIN" although, I'm sure a safety pen may have it's merits!! :) note: I'm not being snotty - it's my first time here....I'm fascinated by the diversity of the answers!!

    A needle and thread can also help out in an emergency but a steady hand is needed!

    ""ya reckon a dogs a mans best friend....think again.

    Mine would have to be the internet......You can learn anything you want , talk to people all over the world, play games,and meet the man of your dreams like I did!!!!  


    Thanks frog. Your answer was very understandable and justifiable and I wish you both happiness.
    metal face

    You are sweet 'lil frog.Thank you soo much!!!xoxoxo

    Having thought about the question while reading the answers here; I would have to say that THE most significant 'invention' has to be,  ANTIBIOTICS - something that is beneficial to all walks of life, both sexes, young and old etc. etc.


    Welcome to the club and thanks for your interesting contribution.
    I had an operation recently and not for the first time I caught an infection which necessitated a course of antibiotics.

    The Time Machine. Without it I'd still be stuck in the 23rd century. Shame it was destroyed on reentry...

    The wiper blades.

    lovely cat west


    Glad you like my cat. My wife and I both love him. His name is Rombo and he was born in January 2009.

    Your right!


    They keep my hair off my face

    Image result for computer chip photosThe computer chip,without it almost nothing will run,it is in everything in some form or another,,and will be in almost every invention of the future..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I thought the wheel too

    The cotton gin of course!

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