Where is Doublehelix?

    Sorry, if this question offends anybody...however I found an affinity towards this young man...thus, would like to say hi to him and how are you doing?

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    He closed all his threads yesterday and said goodbye. He's gone over seas and will nave no internet.

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    Yeah, I thought he was pretty cool too. Don't know where he is maybe he got sick of being put down all the time by some of the very negative people on the site?

    Otherwise could be on vacation or just busy, only time will tell, hope he returns.


    Thanks for the negative 35 points spaceghost, and to think I actually like you and enjoy your comments, You know we cant always agree on everything? It's just my opinion, do you really have to vote everyone down who doesn't agree with you???

    I thought we were bro's man, you just turned on me because you don't like double helix? That's just vindictive man, I thought you were better than that?

    Thank you leeroy for your caring answer! And hey papa peg how are you doing? It's always nice to hear from the folks on this site that I wonder and worry about! Peace and love to all! Has anyone heard from Jenn lately??


    She was on earlier today, if I see her tomorrow, and you're not around, I'll tell her you said Hi. Thank you for your thoughtful comments as usual.

    Somebody is deleting my comments.I can play that game to.


    Sometimes people get to serious and I have seen a few people hold grudges, they are just haters. It's just a website people take it easy.

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