Oops almost forgot my question! Who thinks there's anything to the full moon "crazies" Tell me why please

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    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Nice question ole hipster. You deserve a TU for this question and here it is ! Read mine to get a different perspective I learned it in an Environmental class. Show me some love too! thanks, TU!


    Ole hipster great question gave you a T.U.

    country bumpkin

    Ole Hipster please don't hurt me. I just tried to give you a thumbs up but I think I may have given you a thumbs down. Please let me know if I need to try it again.

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    o.k, Hipster, there are more births, deaths, and crimes during the Full Moon. Mysterious as it is, our bodies are compromised with over 70% water. It may effect the human body in a strange way? It effects the tides drastically, why not a humans or animal?


    Busiest nights in the E.R. at the hospitals. Maybe there is just enough light to get into trouble?

    ole hipster

    Oh yeah I know we're 70% water very well..everytime it rains everything wrong with me flares up...I can pretty near predict when it's gonna' rain with my "spinal barometer"! I think folks do generally get a little whacked. I know in the years I tended bar we always hated to see the full moon come in, always meant more fights in the bar between men & men, women & women, men & women and so on! lol

    my Brother when he was a child always had a eperletic fit this true even his Doctor said that it wasnt that unuasul for this to happen when there was a full Moon
    I was howling at it last night !!!! LMAO
    Ms Sinclair

    Lol. You're not the only one. How are you doing SG?

    Doing fine Ms Sinclair, how about you? If I could just stop howling at this full moon !!! LOL
    Ms Sinclair

    I'm fine. Been hanging out a lot in Brooklyn lately with my sister and stepmother having fun which is why I haven't been here as much.

    That's great, Ms Sinclair, I've had some GOOD times in Brooklyn and Queens and out on Long Island myself, brings back memories !!! I hope you enjoy yourself, be safe.
    Ms Sinclair

    Didn't see this until now. Thanks SG.

    There is some thing to the full moon I know a Police officer and I asked him out of curiosity if the full moon make's his work more busy during the full moon cycle he said it did then I asked a paramedic the same question it is the same.""


    Nice full moon
    Is there a full moon out tonight? Gee. I don't notice anything different.
    country bumpkin

    Ms Sinclair: Turn around v e r y s l o w l y! Did you see it? Oh gee.... R-U-N!!!
    Ms Sinclair


    Where did you get the spinning face? it is really funny.
    We all need to laugh once and while. Thanks for the humor.
    Ms Sinclair

    There are plenty of animated emoticon/ smiley websites out there. Have a look around.

    any comments or suggestions made during the full moon period may be regarded or disregarded owing to progressive particle& ion movement sicut in crazies capulus

    Simply put; Hormonal reactions to increased positive ions in the air (Full Moon Effect) cause hyperactivity, depression, violent behavior, road rage, higher occurrences of migraines and asthma. Even bees are known to sting without provocation on higher positive ion ratios.

    The Israeli Army considers the Sharav wind (high in positive ion concentrations/full moon effect) a natural enemy of an efficient fighting force. They even have a term for this reaction called "Bedouinism" which means the soldiers cease to be alert, or effective fighters during the wind.

    In some middle east countries, Judges are more lenient on criminals if the crime was committed during increased positive ion wind ( Full Moon Effect) conditions.

    These periodic winds blowing in from the desert are called the Sharav. University studies in Israel concluded that increased positive ions can cause an increase in violent tendencies.

    The Biochemical Reaction
    Just about all the air you breathe has some quantity of Aero-Ions. Ions are charged particles in the air (between a few hundred to a few thousand per cubic centimeter). Some ions are negatively charged (Negative Ions) and some positively charged (Positive Ions/ occur with a Full Moon)). After years of research around the world, Ion Scientists have determined over and over that an imbalance in the ratio between Positive and Negative Ions has a profound effect on both your mental and physical well being. the full Moon effect.


    Full Moons are for the Romanticits All about the Love


    All the input is wonderful, a lot does happen on a full moon. Raider thumbs up for the question. I do know it was a very beautiful full moon, it was closer to earth that it has been in a number of years.


    My bad, I gave ole hipster a T.U. but I gave you one also. My friends I'll be back in an hour, ARMY WIVES IS ON. LOL.


    after hearing that raider my electron has stopped circling my neuron, I am expecting a frozen particle in my hadron collider please help with A.T.U


    starlight pleine lune brillante rempli le evenning

    Can you imagine, FULL MOON and PMS? This is how wars start.

    Ah see the its largely anecdotal about more births,deaths and crime during the full moon,for every cop or A&E doctor that says it has an effect you'll find another who says it's a myth.Same with statistics as you'll plenty to illustrate either view point.
    Also I know the fact of the moons effect on the tides plus the fact we're 70% water seems conclusive but try this out.Fill a bucket full of water and try to observe any effect at all exerted by the moons gravity bet theres no measurable effect of any kind.The oceans are free standing water of immense volume plus remember tides are also an effect of the earths rotation not just lunar gravity.The water in our bodies is contained and so small that the moon has no real effect whatsoever.Do you feel an actual change within you at all due to the phases of the moon??
    It may have a phsycological effect on some but that's more due to the widely accepted myth than a real gravitational effect

    ole hipster

    You must be a very logical person. Definitely a good thing but there are some things that aren't just quite logical. I was basically asking to hear perhaps some other folks experiences of feelings about the full moon. Thanks for answering! (:

    iwork with the fullmoon crazies they are not that bad when you get to know them
    just dont follow them into the grave yard

    ole hipster

    You're funny sprocket. Anyone who can make me laugh is all right in my book! (: By the way, where do you work? lol

    ole hipster

    Oops sprocket...was going back over the answers to this question and gave you another TU...cancelled out my last sorry...will make it up to you!

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