I recently answered a question and when going back to that ? found it state "0 ansers" even though the answer is there to read. Also, I've been having problems currently trying to submit a comment & even though I'm doing it correctly it's not going in. Also, sometimes when going back to comments I or others have made they have "disappeared" ... where do they go? Are these glitches or what. Thanks in advance for any answers and by the way HAPPY 1ST DAY OF SPRING (FINALLY!) TO EVERYONE!

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    Has anyone else noticed how fast your karma can move up now that we have so many votes per day. I like it before when you had fewer votes, you were more careful on what you voted on. Now you have so many it doesn't matter what you thumbs up... Not that I am practicing this, it just doesn't have the same value that a vote used to have.
    ole hipster

    I never really cared one way or another about the Karma points one way or another although I have noticed what leeroy states seems to be right. I don't vote up favorite people..just what I think are good, sometimes, funny, sometimtes helpful answers even when the questions are kind of a pain in the butt. Wouldn't it be cool if we could have an "oldtimers" section too,although that probably sounds like favortism too and I don't mean old in age, I mean in respect to those who have been on site a long time...we'd only take up a little bit of time away from the other questions admin...come on!...LOL I just get tired of wading through all the crap! Answering a question and that person being gone or never saying thanks does suck! (:

    There is wisdom in your comments, oh experienced one. Thank you for the compliment on it as well, you are awesome. We are gonna have to hang out at the beach someday and you can bring the M.J. I'll bring the ice cold bud.
    ole hipster

    By being gone in above comment...I meant gone in respect to never coming back again! NOt going offsite (:

    Yeah, I understood, I just have a dry or sarcastic sense of humor and people don't always get it. I blame my siblings, I learned it from them. Yes it does stink that people pop on ask a question and disappear forever from this site. Then we are left with the answering it mainly for ourselves, or future people with the same question.

    OH, I had a similar problem with an answer being there but not recorded on the main question page. Must be a glitch in the system because people like you and me just don't make mistakes. Yeah right!

    ole hipster

    Naturally I like your answer! TU!

    I had the same thing. I contacted the admin and they said it will be fixed in the next version which should launch soon.



    Was just coming in to say I was experiencing the same problem of replies not showing. It started last night for me. Good to see they're on it. Thanks pascal : )

    ole hipster

    Thanks for your quick response pascal, I shall wait for their response with bated breath! lol

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