what is the best kind of crown for teeth? gold or porcelin enamel?

    i'm looking for a bargain. i don't have a whale of money.

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    gold is best for back teeth, porcelain for teeth that can be seen.Zirconium is a material that looks like a real tooth but is as strong as gold. Price-wise it is about the same as gold. When complaining about prices for dentistry you need to understand that the dentist's operating costs are about 60-70% of his turnover.
    Call around to dental offices, even a dental school if there is one in your area for their pricing policies..I should imagine that gold would be more expensive but I bet both are expensive. It's a crime how terribly high the prices are for dental work...that's the reason a lot of folks can't afford to go...ya' gotta' eat and pay those pesky bills first!

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    Porcelain lined with gold. Plain gold is ugly and expensive too. When the porcelain is lined with gold it gives a good colour.

    If the crown is visable, you probably want the porcelain. If not, then go with the gold. It will last longer and won't come unglued as easy, at least from my experience.

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