Can i have someone come and resurfice my spa

    I have a built-in spa that is about 15 years old and has a lot of hair line cracks and is blistering but it is not leaking do you know of any company that will do the repair? It also has jets and air holes around the tub.

    Northboro Ma. 01532

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    Check here:


    Hot tub, and Whirlpool bath Service Company serving Central Massachusetts, Northeast Connecticut, and Northwest Rhode Island. Factory trained. Hot Springs, Sundance, Jacuzzi, Catalina, Tiger River, and Sweetwater specialist. Service on all brands.

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    U might want to find a person that resurfaces bathtubs like a plumber. I assume it is fiberglass and not concrete. Not many pool companys do that cuz they suck at it. It is hard to duplicate a fiberglass spa to look like brand new. Since it is made by machines at the factory. I would contact a pool company in your area. I've painted many fiberglass spas and it should be sprayed on by someone with plenty of spraying experience. Know of any good Painters? Don't worry about the air blower holes. They should be taped before painting. Blisters and cracks ground and sanded down. An acid solution and Tsp wash should occur to get all oils and acid off and out of spa. If you can Call the manufacturer of the spa Shell and ask them what paint they recommend bcuz that is going to be the key for a good looking paint job. Good luck on finding someone that will do it Call a Painter 1st. Plumbers and Pool guys might have a lead for you if they can't do it. Unless u want to fly me over there and take care of it for u lol. Have a good One Chadd 22years pool and spa experience.

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