Dreams-do you remember them?

    And what's one of the best ones you've had or for that matter the worst nightmare? Answer when you can. This ole hipster is turning in! Good night all!

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    hey ole hipster, great to hear from you again, how are you doing?
    i always, always, always dream of looking for seashells, gemstones and TREASURES in the sea. i'm always collecting them, i don't know why but at the same time i love dreaming about them, i think it's because i am fascinated by gemstones in real life, and i do collect them all the time, it's awesome.

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    Most of my dreams that i do remember are bad one's,seems like i'am always being chased or trying to break out of prison,i don'nt mind them every now & then,because you feel so good when you awaken and see that the dream was just that a dream,it's like a high for a min.. The worst dream,i've dreamed 3 times in my life to date(i'm 56),i saw my dad in the hospital and every time his heart would beat it would jump three feet out of his body.Same dream three times,not in a roll thou.


    No,my dad passed many year's ago,the bottle got the best of him,wish he was still here,i think we would have a better understanding of each other now that i have seen more of the world.

    ole hipster

    Yes those recurring dreams have me puzzled. True story ..As a youngster I had a recurring dream that I was in a fire. Was in my bedroom & there was a bucket of water outside the door &I couldn't get to it. Had this dream at least 1X a YR for about 5 yrs. When I was 17 I was awakened by my dog in the middle of the night in my bedroom with flames everywhere! Just made it through the kitchen before it exploded and was able to alert my folks. Made it out with our lives...lost everything. Me, 61 uo...your Dad still w/ you (I hope!) If so, don't fret over the dream ..all have different meanings..

    ole hipster

    Sorry to hear that about your Dad...both my fathers died of doesn;t it...thanks you for responding

    Most of us dream the entire time we're in REM, but you only remember what your dreaming just before you wake up naturally or unexpectedly. I've had so many dreams that its hard to pick one of my best/worst. At this point of my life I'm just happy to wake up and live another day. :)

    ole hipster

    Yes, I'm happy to wake up daily especially at my age! I've heard men dream mostly in black and white. I dream in vivid almost psychedlie colors. Really cool (could be a link to my youth though!) lol

    most people can remember almost 100 % of thier dream when they first wake up. Then it slowly leaves your memory as time passes.

    Here is a very true story about a dream a friend of mine had. A friend had recently lost thier mother and had a dream about her 1 night. In the dream her mother told her to play these 6 numbers. That evening she told me about her dream and showed me a lottery ticket with the numbers. She actually won that night. This is completely true

    Ms Sinclair

    I dreamed some numbers once and told my mother's boyfriend to play them but he didn't. They turned out to be the winning numbers:-(

    ole hipster

    Wow, I sure hope I dream some numbers soon! I could use some moolah in this economy! lol


    I almost never remember my dreams, don't know why?


    i kept a written record for about 7 months. it took me a long time to learn to wake up and put pen to paper. you can't get up and go to the computer because you'll lose the dream. i also kept a spoken dream journal. i sounded so scary as i told my dreams to the recorder. "i scared myself and i don't mean lightly" I learned that dreams don't mean much to me.
    there was, of course, that one dream about the wind spirit. THAT meant something. oh yes.

    ole hipster

    Hey leeroy neither does my brother...maybe it's a male thing??!

    I have dreams my teeth are crumbling and their are tiny white worms continuously filling my mouth... I say I am under way too much stress...

    I used to have this recurring nightmare when I was a kid about being chased by the headless horseman from Sleepy Hollow. Most of the dream was in black and white except for the ending when he caught up to me near a pond with blue water. I didn't see my head being chopped off but I do remember seeing red blood dripping to form a little pool of red in the blue water. It used to scare the living daylights out of me.

    Ms Sinclair

    As I said, it was a childhood dream. Haven't had it since reaching adulthood. I even went to see Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp and I didn't experience any problems.


    it is said that if you see blood in your dreams then the dream is a fake with no realistic meaning in your life, lol , no dreams can be fake, i know that's what your going to think but what i mean is that it doesn't hold a definite meaning or effect in your life when you wake up.

    I certainly have dreams and remember them. havent had any to remember lately though. Hmm.. I usually do though after i've listened to some binaural beats or solfeggio frequencies and such.

    My wife is constantly giving me hell for waking her up in the middle of the night. I regularly have dreams that are so funny and laugh so hard I wake myself up. Some I've actually written them down and had friends read them, and they laughed their asses off. Hope it never stops.

    I don't recall any good dreams, except for one that is just strange. I was in seventh grade, and I dreamed I woke up late, and decided to take my time to get to school (which is definitely something I wouldn't do). My mom told me to choose a cereal for breakfast, but when I turned to the kitchen, there was at least thirty different types on the table! I accidentally knocked one box down, which ended up as a domino effect. I suddenly felt myself being catapulted south, and I landed inside of my huge school library, unharmed. All my classmates were there, saying, "Wow, what a trip!" As I looked at one girl named Sammy, a flapjack fell on her head, complete with maple syrup and butter. I looked up at the ceiling, and the last thing I saw before I woke up was a flapjack, falling fast toward me...

    I had a dream that I was rich plenty money big cars and big mansion, but I woke up to the real world, I was depressed all day

    I remember some. I have sleep apnea and I remember more when my apnea is worse for some reason. I've had some very bad nightmares where I wake in a sweat. The last trrible one I had was a man that hunted two of us (don't know who the other one was but he was with me) and tied us both up with our legs spread and cut the other one with a chainsaw from the crouch up through his head. Now isn't that bizzare? I woke up in a cold sweat then and couldn't get back to sleep for the rest of the night. I got like 3 hours of sleep that night.

    I've also had premonitions in my dreams. There is one that sticks in my head from childhood. I was being pulled up out of something (I thought water) and the guy said, "don't worry, I use to lift octopus for a living". Well, weeks later, I was rescued from a rock fall on a mountain and the guy that rescued me said "don't worry, I use to lift octopus for a living", the exact same phrase in the exact same tone. I had never met this man before. I knew right away this was what I had dreamed weeks earlier. I was 10 or 11 years old. I even said to the guy I had drempt this and he just ignored my comment, in hind-sight he probably thought I was in shock. I probably was in shock but the dream I had weeks earlier was very clear in my mind. It was a dream I pondered more than several times afterwards. I purposly tried to remember it after the dream for some reason. I went over it in my mind several times before the actual incident happened. I have had several other premonitions as a child. I don't have them anymore as an adult. I am convinced of this one premonition that I speak of since I gave it so much thought before the actual occurance. The other premonitions were less tramatic and I question if they were really premonitions or coincidences.

    In any case, the far majority of the dreams I remember, don't come true.

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